Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

There’s a lot more to the subject of “marketing strategies”, than we could ever try to cover in this website. The development of any business, or professional marketing strategy, is far more comprehensive than just Internet online marketing, in itself.

Marketing Strategies TargetsThe best marketing strategies always tend to separately target specific business areas, so as to maximize both the  focus, and the impact, of the marketing message. Unfortunately, there rarely is there any synergistic benefit derived from commingling unrelated marketing messages, which is something that can often happens with online marketing.

For example, should a restaurant that both serves meals at their restaurant, and also does catering for events, includes details about both subjects on one website page, it usually just causes confusion, and becomes way too complicated for visitors to read. It’s always best for business websites to have separate pages for each separate business marketing target, and then use internal links to help visitors navigate through the pages.

Business strategies that use a “rifle approach” for targeting each marketing objective, are almost always the most effective. In some business, one marketing approach may be best done online, and yet another done via print advertising and/or radio/TV advertising. For example, a restaurant may wish to have their menu online so that it can easily be accessed by anyone, but if they were go

ing to have a special weekend promotion, then other advertising vehicles might be more effective. The synergism of multiple forms of marketing can be very powerful, especially when each advertising format is used to target a specific business market that’s also most suited for that particular marketing vehicle.

Marketing Strategies Rifle

Having a clearly identifiable business image, or logo, can be important, especially in the long run. Logos need to be consistent and used with all advertising and marketing promotions, as the objective is to achieve a visual face for your business brand. If your business has a wonderful, and clearly identifiable business location, then a picture or artists rendition of your location might become a great logo, it could be used on your website, on your business cards and on all other advertising. The same issue holds true for your business name and/or business signage).

Some businesses, and many professionals, choose to trade under their own name, and even use the logo of a professional association, which is fine if it’s always going to be a one-person business. But, there can also be strategic marketing issues when a name is very common, unusual and/or hard to spell, or a name used by others in a similar business, i.e. “Joe’s Plumbing”. Lastly, if there’s a long-term business strategy to eventually sell the business, having a business name that’s not easily transferable to others, can reduce the business’s value.

So, both from a strategic marketing perspective, and from the perspective of developing an effective business exit strategy, it’s often best for a business to have its own individual memorable, and relevant, business name. This choice, of course, lies in the hands of each business owner, or professional, but making this decision early and correctly, can impact the business’s long-term marketing strategies.

We’ve found that some website designers will simply try to design an attractive and pleasing website, giving little or no thought to the overall strategies of the business. Actually, this can be fine if all that’s needed is a “brochure website”, one that can be on a business card or menu, for further reference.

A well thought out “brochure website” can also be a good place for a business to start their Internet online marketing, but it’s important that the website also be set up so that it can include all aspects of the business’s overall marketing strategies. This kind of website, when properly set up, can easily be grown into a long-term strong driving force for new business. Well established, and easily identifiable, websites can also add value and salability to a business.

At Direct Action Marketing, we strongly believe that we add important, and often missing, strategic marketing components.  We’re a husband and wife team, and we bring our experience and knowledge of business, and business challenges, to our online marketing advice, and website development.  We work with business owners to help them create a specific online marketing strategy. And, when we create websites, we strive to make them magnets for search engine traffic.  We want you to go to the BANK on it!  Lyle & Sharon

Let’s take a quick look at a few important things to know about building a new website.

Marketing Strategies-Strings AttachedFirst, the business objective(s) need to be clearly decided upon before website development begins! This is why we like to start with our FREE “NO strings attached” Business marketing analysis for your business. This allows both of us to understand more about the process of how we might work together, and it’s the only way for us to begin to understand what needs to be done, and how to do it in the most economically fashion.

It’s important that you, the business owner, have an idea of what it is you are expecting from your marketing. Do you imagine having a website that’s “everything to everyone”?  Of course, we may have slightly exaggerated, but often putting in too much information, “just sort of happens”, as too many topics and too many different subjects come to mind.  This can easily be the case with a do-it-yourself website, or one that’s set up by someone  without much business knowledge, or experience.

Too much clutter, and/or commingled information, on a single website page can be a very poor idea if you want your website to be search engine friendly, and easily understood by visitors. Search engine look for targeted words, phrases, and relevance, and as much of that kind of “single minded” information as possible.  Each separate marketing target needs to have it own website page, and having a lot of strong focused pages on one website, collectively makes the website just that much better.

Many businesses want their business website, and their Internet online marketing strategies, to be a driving source for new business.  This, of course, is a great thought, but it’s also a big and long-term project. But, depending on the nature of a given business, and how competitive its area of business is, there are options that do exist to get traffic to a website quicker; more about that in a minute.

Some businesses are totally satisfied with a “brochure” website; a website that just provides information about the business.  This may make it easy for existing, and neighborhood, customers to locate the business, as well as to provide business hours and even contact information. For many businesses, this may be all that’s needed and a simple brochure type website is something that can be done relatively inexpensively.  And, as we said earlier, it can also be a good place for business to start with their Internet marketing program, as it get their url actively searched on the worldwide web, and allows for future website growth.

Now, about the additional options that exist for generating Internet traffic as fast as possible.  “Pay Per Click” marketing strategies can bring traffic to a website, but it comes with a price tag.  The most well-known “Pay Per Click” program is “Google Adwords”, but Microsoft’s “Bingads” has now also become relevant in that arena.

Marketing Strategies PayPerClick“Pay Per Click” advertising is not right for all businesses, but if a business has a clear understanding of their dollar value of a new customer, client or patient, then these formats may be very viable. Generally speaking, the greater the value of a new customer, the more potential there is for making use of this Internet marketing approach. The good news about “Pay Per Click” advertising is that the search results can be almost immediate, but the bad news is that working the bugs out of a “Pay Per Click” program can be some what costly, and the creation of an effective “Pay Per Click” website can also sometimes be costly build.

Again, at Direct Action Marketing, we are experienced and well suited to help small and medium sized businesses make smart and effective strategic marketing decisions, and Internet online marketing decisions.  We understand building businesses from the ground up, as well as the realities of creating a website presence.  We look forward to working with your business, and helping you to realize your business goals.