Family Owned Business

Family owned business is. . .

a term that’s very special to us, it means we’re working with our best friend!  We’re a husband and wife team, Lyle and Sharon Gilbertson. We’re not “computer geeks”, even though we do build very nice and effective websites, but rather we are two experienced business people that bring two separate sets of skills, and perspectives, to our collective marketing expertise.  

We both get very excited about helping new and small business owners reach their goals; even better when we’re a witness to our client’s excitement as they begin to realize “real” profits.  

Family Owned-Meet the Gilbertsons

The Mission

Our mission, at Direct Action Marketing, LLC, is to help help both new, and small-sized, businesses become more profitable, through the effective use of online marketing.  To accomplish this, we work with businesses to show them ways to affordably, efficiently and effectively integrate online marketing with their traditional marketing efforts, while making a a small profit for ourselves.

Lyle Gilbertson:  

Family Owned-Lyle

Lyle has an extensive business background, all of which aids by adding an experienced perspective to the marketing efforts of Direct Action Marketing. Lyle has more than 50 years of active business experience, which started in the insurance industry, quickly moving from being an underwriter, to a well recognized top producing insurance sales person (property, causality and life insurance), to the owner of a fast growing east coast insurance agency, which he later sold to a partner, and moved west with his young family for personal reasons. For the next ten years Lyle owned (and sold for a profit two other businesses he had started, and had a real estate brokerage with over twenty sales people).

Unexpectedly, in the early 1980’s Lyle was given the opportunity to become the General Manager of a newly built enclosed 800,000 square foot regional shopping mall, owed by a large mall company. From then, until the late 1990’s Lyle rose from the position of mall General Manager, to eventually becoming Direct of Management over seeing almost 80 enclosed regional malls throughout the United States. In the course of doing this Lyle was actively involved with all aspects of the management, leasing and marketing of these malls.

Lyle Enjoyed More Business Success in Arizona

In the late 1990’s it was time for Lyle to stop the craziness of constant travel, and settled down to someplace more enjoyable, and that’s when he moved to Arizona. After exploring many business opportunities, Lyle decided on purchasing a Master Franchise for a national janitorial company, and after nine years he had built that to a multi-million dollar business, which he sold not long before the start of the “Great Recession”.

Lyle has had a great deal of hands on business experience, and after a few years of so called retirement, he started yet another Phoenix based janitorial company with his son, and his family, Although neither Lyle nor Sharon is “hands on” in the running of that business, they are still active as part owners, and very active in the marketing of the business, which is a very competitive business area.

Sharon Gilbertson:  

Family Owned-Sharon

Sharon and Lyle married not too many years after Lyle moved to Arizona. Sharon’s business background adds an entirely different, but very important, skill set and perspective to the marketing efforts of our family owned business, Direct Action Marketing.

Sharon has been an artist since her youth, and much of her lifelong interests have centered around either the arts, or people. She’s always enjoyed the company of others, and has wonderful people skills. Through the years, however, neither art nor people skills, proved to be very profitable professions in themselves, so in the course of raising her daughter and two sons, Sharon has had the opportunity to engage in many different business areas.

Sharon was a property manager when she lived in Hawaii, she’s sold life insurance and real estate, served as an administrative assistant, an Activity Director at retirement and care centers, managed two different dental offices, and also taught a multitude of arts and craft classes. Additionally, Sharon has been actively involved in the marketing of both of our family janitorial companies.

Sharon’s brings two key abilities to Direct Action Marketing.

First, Sharon has a keen ability to understand how others feel about things, which is essential as customers make decisions based on feelings much more often than on a logical, or analytical, thought process. (For example, the feelings of trust and confidence may be two of the most important messages to convey to potential customers).

Second, Sharon brings her natural artistic talent, and abilities with both photography and Photoshop, which allows us to create websites, and online marketing, that’s not only effective, but also very attractive. This not only conveys important emotional feelings relevant to that particular business, but more importantly it makes the websites much more likely to convert “visitors” to “action takers”, and that’s good business.