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pretty much markets to almost everyone. Of course, that will dependService Business Marketing housekeeping on what kinds of services that you’re offering. For now, we’ll just focus on consumer services, rater than “business to business” services. If you’re in a ” business to business” service, we’d suggest that your look at our website for “Janitorial Marketing Link”, as the same marketing techniques can easily be transferable to most “B2B marketing efforts.

For service businesses, having good marketing strategies is key to their  grown, and survival. By their very nature, service businesses tend to be handling problems that others either don’t know how to do, or don’t want to do for themselves.

Because service businesses are often required to provide their services unexpectedly, and without customers having the much time for researching their options, having a solid marketing program in place is critical. All services businesses need to have effective methods in place that make it easy for potential customers to find their services quickly, and in today’s world it’s having effective online marketing that becomes key.

Service Business Marketing Auto ShopA lot of people never make it through a week without needing some sort of a service from a small business. For example, if you’re visiting a new town, just the simple act of finding a car wash, a coffee shop or an auto repair shop, can be troublesome. Even if you’re a long time resident of an area, it can be a daunting task to find a house cleaning service, a carpet cleaner, or a plumber. So, it’s easy to see how important it is to have a good business marketing strategy in place for your small service business.

Some consumer services businesses, like house cleaning for example, often desire to overlap into their commercial counter part, which is in that example is the commercial janitorial cleaning business. For consumer services business that also to seek to have commercial customers, we recommend that you go our sister website, Janitorial Marketing Link.

As a service business owner, having a good and well-rounded service business marketing strategy should include a number of different marketing tactics; here are a few.

  • Maintain good relationships within your community, and within groups where you are personally active, as it will help with your getting referral business from them, even if they aren’t your customers.

  • Provide an honest value for your customers, and they will want to refer you to others. These’s an old saying, “Under promise and over deliver”, and when business operate from that perspective, referral business comes easily. On the other hand, it’s this business that over promise and under deliver, that usually fade out of business.

  • If applicable, use incentive to encourage new business, and rewards to encourage repeat business, and referrals, from your customers. 

  • Know your competition both personally and business-wise. Understand what your competitor is offering, so that you can be competitive. But, never “bad-mouth” your competition, as you never know when they might be able to help you, or you help them.

  • Perhaps the most import thing in today’s word of marketing, is to have the best possible business website that you can have. A good business website is a critical part of every service business marketing strategy. When potential customers have an unexpected need for a service, they go to the Internet when they don’t know who to call for their issue. Every service business needs to have an online presence, even if it’s just a small one to start with, (see the page on this website called “Local Business Marketing”.

  • Make use of social media and encourage friend to tell others about your business by their forwarding your website information to them. And. be sure that you link your social websites with your service business website.

  • Be sure that your service business is listed on every local, and online, business directory. In today’s world, online business directories are a great business resource for service businesses.

Service Business Marketing PhotographerIf there’s any one single thing to point out as being important in service business marketing, it is having a business website, with a strong online presence. Service businesses have an even greater opportunity to expand and grow their business through online marketing than does almost any other kind of business.

So, if you have any interest in exploring what Direct Action Marketing might be able to do to help your service business marketing efforts, please go to our website page, “Contact Us”, and ask for our FREE “NO strings attached” Business marketing analysis for your business. From there we can see if these any kind of mutual opportunity for us to explore.

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