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MLM Marketing Elephant“Multi-Level Marketing”.  It would seem that the term MLM Marketing is an oxymoron, but that’s not the case. The “elephant in the room” is the one thing that network marketers rarely like to admit, and that is that network marketing is a form of selling. But, don’t panic, selling is nothing more than “the art of persuasive communications”, which is something that each of us does everyday of our lives.

MLM is one of the world’s most efficient means for marketing goods and services; there are thousands of companies that sell their products via MLM, and if you’d like to have a more complete explanation of MLM, go to (

MLM Marketing Master of CeremoniesMore than likely you are someone who either been recruited into an MLM business, or you are considering it. There are many differences between various MLM companies, but most of them have some training, but unfortunately is usually pretty bland and “sugar coated”, saying to go out and meet people, tell them about the wonderful products, and then they will want to show other people the products too, then you have a “downline” of other working under you, and then you might make a lot of money. It all sounds good, and structurally it’s true, but if you’ve been around MLM very much, you know that it just doesn’t work that simply.

Virtually MLM companies have their websites, almost always with an individual “sign up” page for each distributor, and their site sometimes contains training too. From that point on, distributors are pretty much on their own to find their way to success.

Now, this is the place where most network marketers find themselves, shortly after starting. Huge numbers of them turn to the social media to try to promote their products, only to learn that no one really pays any attention to those business pitches. So let’s discuss what a network marketer really needs to do, in order to build a loyal following that’s interested in their products and their business.

Before we get to the things that Direct Action Marketing is suggesting you’re your MLM business, let’s review some of the traditional basics of networking marketing.

Traditional Ways To Promote Your MLM Business

1. Believe in your Product of Service
Before you get in too deep with any MLM marketing efforts be sure that you know your product and its value. Value is a combination of perceived quality, and the product price, and when a product’s value is at least equal to, or better than it’s competitors, then its sustainability is likely to be poor.
Again, the key here is to truly believe in your product and its value, and then you’ll b able to easily communicate that effectively to others.
2. Identify your Prospective Audience
As an MLM distributor, you need to think about who might find your products to be of value. Most all MLM companies will tell you that everyone is a prospect, so start with those people you know the best, and work out from there. It’s easy to get but if you have belief and passion for your product, you will have won a big part of the battle.
3. Social Media
Facebook, and other social media is completely full of people pitching their products and services. Although this may be a great place to make contact with people who might have an interest in your product, don’t expect to just pitch your product daily on these sites and be able to achieve any significant results, it just won’t happen. There are some very good ways to make use of social media in MLM marketing, and we’ll get to that later.
MLM Marketing Invite Friends4. Let Others Help You
Many people think that the only way you can get good business referrals is by getting them from happy customers. Of course, happy customers are a great resource for referrals, but so is everyone else you know. It’s surprising to many people that those who are your friends, or who know you to be a good person, will still refer you even if they don’t personally use your products. So, be sure to let every one know what it is that you’re doing, and ask them who do they know who might be interested. Often when you ask people in this fashion, you’ll be surprised when they answer by saying that they’d be interested themselves.
5. Network with other people
There are many ways to meet new people, and that’s something that good network marketers always do. Join clubs and groups, go to chamber of commerce meetings, socialize at your church, and just keep meeting new people no matter where you go. This is exactly why MLM is known as network marketing, and it’s key that you continually expand your network of people you know and with whom you make contact.
6) Never take the rejection of your products personally
It’s great when you can bring new people into your MLM group, sponsoring new distributors is the name of the game. But, there are many people, who for varying reasons, will not want to either become a distributor, or even use your product. Unfortunately, some of these people may even be rude in the way they tell you, but again this is how it is in all business, and business professionals know to turn the other cheek, and to keep on moving ahead. Learning to deal effectively with the fact that there will always be some people who will reject your product, or reject your business concept, is key as they are not rejecting you personally. When you’ve mastered the ability to do this, you’ll be heading straight toward success.

MLM Marketing Football Scene

7) Be a team player
MLM Marketing isn’t just about bringing new distributors on board your group; it’s also about setting the example, and showing your new distributors how to do the same thing; they’ll naturally want to duplicate what you’ve done with them. In network marketing, you always have a team. The distributors that brought you on board are part of your team, and are almost always willing to help you find ways to be successful. The same is true of those distributors that you brought on board, as you have every reason to help them be successful too. Successful network marketing is all about being a team player.
8) Be Positive and Enthusiastic
Act positive, and you’ll find that those around you will also be positive. And, just as importantly, if you act enthusiastic, and you’ll find that you are enthusiastic. These are two important keys to you future success. Positive expectations are essential if you desire to achieve positive results.
Earlier, we said that network marketing was selling, and that selling was the ability to persuade other through effective communication. So, here’s a very important thing to remember; there is no better, or easier way to persuade others than to be positive and enthusiastic. When you show off your business in this manor, other will soon also be positive and enthusiastic.
9) Invest in yourself, and your business
Today’s world is moving forward at an incredibly fast pace. There are new changes in almost everything, everyday. So, if you expect to succeed in your business, make sure that you allow yourself the opportunity to constantly learn and grow in the business. Learn for others, read everything you can, and whenever possible attend training seminars and conventions. I made the commitment years ago to read daily. We’ve all heard it said, and it’s true; “knowledge is power”.

More Ways To Promote Your MLM Business

MLM Marketing Social NetworkingThere is no form of marketing today that’s more powerful than online marketing, nor is there any form of marketing that has such a bright and growing future. There are many aspects to online marketing, but the foundation is the website. Needless to say, virtually all MLM companies have big restrictions as to what their distributors can, and mostly can’t do. Actually, this is as it should be as these companies have a lot of time and money invested in their brand, and it’s extraordinarily important to them that they protect their brand. Because of these restrictions, many MLM marketing efforts simply reject the possible use of a website, and simply jump to the social media, which all buy itself isn’t much help in MLM marketing.

Obviously, no MLM company can restrict the use of websites that don’t identify their MLM company, and isn’t directly related to their MLM activities. And, herein lies the key to MLM marketing with a proprietary website.

As an MLM distributor, you have two key functions. First, you need to continually find new people who might find your products relevant and interesting. Two, you need to enthusiastically expose those people to your company and its products. So, think of it this way; your personal proprietary website is used for nothing more than to find new like minded people to whom you can later show your product. And, your MLM distributor website is used, as it should be, to help you bring new distributors into your group.

At Direct Action Marketing, it’s our job to help you develop a creative Internet based path to find new prospective distributors.

This isn’t as complicated as it may sound, but you’ll probably need some help getting started, and of course you’ll want to have an inexpensive proprietary website that will get you on that track.

So we invite you to go to our web page, “Website Offer”, and make contact with us. From there, we’ll see what we can work out together.

Lyle & Sharon