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Local Business Marketing is

different from most of the large area marketing. Local businesses usually have relatively small budgets, but this isn’t always the case, especially those located in larger cities. There are many marketing tactics that local businesses can use, that larger business would find cost inefficient.

For example, neighborhood newspapers might have a circulation that covers the entire market for a small local business, and could very well be a very viable and useful advertising medium. These small newspapers usually cost little to advertise in, but their cost per thousand readers is sky high compared to what large advertisers are used to paying. This creates a situation where a local merchant is often able to advertise directly to their customer base, and be devoid of their big market competitors.

Unfortunately, many small local businesses get used to only using their local advertising media as their source for local business marketing, and completely loose sight of the online opportunity that exists for them. Although many local businesses fail realize it, having an online presence is absolutely as important for them, as it is for any other businesses. Rather than to review the various reasons for having an online marketing presence, I suggest you refer back to the Internet Marketing page, and/or the Business Marketing page, on this website, as it will provide additional insight.

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The fact is that it’s possible for local businesses to create a website very inexpensively, and their return on investment (ROI) for doing this is likely to be outstanding. In many smaller town and cities, merchants often think that having an online presence isn’t important, but the fact is that their website opportunity is often much greater than that of larger businesses.

A simple local business website can be very inexpensive, and by doing this kind of local business marketing, you will provide your customers with both details about your business, and directions to your business. For example, a local business website might only consist of only three pages.

The first page might tell about the history of the business, and maybe about the owner(s) especially it’s a family business.

The second page could tell about what the business does and what benefits it offers for their customers.

The third page would be a contact page that would allow customers to see where you’re located, and all of your contact information possibly including a way to email your business.

This kind of website is simple and easy to establish, and the benefits are many; here are only a few of them.

  • You establish an online presence that works for your 24 hours a day, every day, you will strongly enhance your local business marketing abilities.

  • Your business looks professional and up to date.

  • New people to your community can now easily find your business.

  • You’re small and inexpensive website easily can be expanded as your business grows.

  • Having a website allows your friends to tell other about your business on social media, by directing them to your website.

Local Business Marketing Customer Satisfaction copyAdding a professional website to your business’s local business marketing arsenal, may well be one of the best decisions that you ever make for your business. So, if you have any interest in exploring what Direct Action Marketing might be able to do to help your Local Business Marketing efforts, please go to the website page, “Contact Us”, and ask for our FREE “NO strings attached” Business marketing analysis for your business.